Our Story


Vernekar Jewels is more than just a store. The brand is not just a name brought out of a surname; it is a family tradition steeped in passion and dedication. Our story began in 1985, because of a remarkable man – the founder of the company – Prakash B. Vernekar. A man who put in a lot of effort as a bank manager, just like any other working professional, and subsequently invested all of his time, energy, and enthusiasm into the jewellery industry. His banking job took a turn to be a wholesale supplier of Pure Diamonds covering almost the entire region of Goa. 

Having learnt and mastered the art of jewellery making, it was a mandate to own an independent jewellery store for Mr Prakash. And there he was, in the year 2004 – standing with the biggest showroom right in the Bicholim city of Goa. It was Mr. Vernekar’s wife, Smt. Prashlila P. Vernekar, who, along with her husband, came forward to be a trusted supplier of diamonds across Goa. 

We want to ensure that when you choose Vernekar Jewels, you choose more than just a piece of jewellery; you choose a legacy of brilliance, a family’s passion poured into every sparkling gem.


Why Us:

Choosing Vernekars can never be a decision worth regretting. The reason for this has to be not one, but many. 

MOST TRUSTED: Being the sole jewellery provider in Bicholim since the year 2004, Vernekars has been the highly trusted store for many people in and outside Goa because of the authentic quality offered. Vernekars has been the first store to offer printed billing.

IMMEDIATE REPAIR SERVICEFollowing his father’s legacy of offering honesty and authenticity, Vernekars, has so far been solely the store to introduce on-the-spot repairing of jewelleries. No individual has to regret their decision to buy from us. In fact, we give them a chance to appreciate us even more because of the immediate support we offer them. 

TRUE TO OUR MOTTO : As our slogan reads “Vernekars – where trust is a tradition”,  we ensure that our customers never go disappointed and serve the truth with every purchase. 

GOLD-TESTING TECH: We are the first brand to introduce SDD Technology for Gold purity testing for accuracy via machine. We aim to continue the legacy and become the only jeweller choice of any customer, no matter what store comes shortly.


Our Core Values


This family business was aimed to be taken forward by Balkrishna Vernekar, son of Mr. Prakash Vernekar. Balkrishna, being an M.Com graduate, radically proved to not only bring newness to the store in terms of designs to best serve the customers, but also continued to maintain its name by henceforth expanding the store to another big showroom in the year 2004. At present, Vernekars hold 2 huge spaces in Bicholim with its purest form of jewellery. Our broader vision is to provide our customers with the best finishing gold, silver and diamond jewellery. 


Our Mission is to provide each individual with the best Goan authentic jewellery. Be it diamond, gold or silver – we have a bunch of all the best and fresh designs of ornaments just curated for you. We at Vernekars over the year-old expertise in the jewellery industry stand to promise that we have been the first shop to sell in-house hallmarked jewellery in this state. Our Mission is to reach every corner of the country and expand to serve our customers with reasonable pricing and great products.