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Vernekar Jewels is more than just a store. The brand is not just a name brought out of a surname; it is a family tradition steeped in passion and dedication. Our story began in 1985, because of a remarkable man – the founder of the company – Prakash B. Vernekar. A man who put in a lot of effort as a bank manager, just like any other working professional, and subsequently invested all of his time, energy, and enthusiasm into the jewellery industry. His banking job took a turn to be a wholesale supplier of Pure Diamonds covering almost the entire region of Goa. 


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Magnificent Marvels: The Awe-Inspiring Beauty of Jewelry Art

Delight Collection

Mystical themes with a touch of enigmatic charm.

Forever Collection

Handcrafted pieces celebrating thin harmony skills.

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  • Free Delivery
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